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Small, independent, local eateries

We will build those occasional guest posts we get, into a cluster of low tech, low maintenance websites. Turning them into an organic homegrown resource. Something from nothing. A informal community promoting small, independent, local eateries that offer a little extra. Those special, out of the way places that are impossible to find. Businesses who need all the help they can get right now.



Shosholza is an authentic shisanayama restaurant in Duke street Glasgow.

Shisa nyama Scotland

Originating in South Africa shisa nyama, literally means burnt meat in Zulu. The term used in townships to describe where people make and serve street food cooked over coals. A tempting offer, attracting those from all walks of life, who gather  around  the fire. Originally starting as a way for township butcheries to increase their weekend sales. They soon became a destination for both up-and-coming urban professionals wanting to reconnect with their roots, as well as local township residents looking for company and a place to drink and eat. They very quickly evolved and are now much more than venues to eat braaied meat. It’s the experience of genuine street foods and traditional hospitality. The liveliness and authenticity within the heart of a township community.

Shisa nyama Glasgow

Irrespective of whether they’re the CEO of a successful company or a general worker, if there’s one place that doesn’t grade one on who you are, it’s the local shisa nyama.

Boerie rolls in Glasgow

Today, it’s where you go to read the papers, floss the Range Rover while you get some young’ uns to wash it reverently, have meat braaied for you, listen to good local music, imbibe some fine single malts and catch up with your peers. Either those you grew up with or those who now live in suburbia.

Bunny chow in Scotland

There are no Jetmasters or Weber braais at shisa nyamas. There are actual coals, smoke and flames. It is this juxtaposition that seems to attract people to shisa nyamas in their hordes.

Authentic South African restaurants in the UK

While all shisa nyama have meat, no two are the same. A car wash is a big plus but not always possible. The quality of meat is also important as there is no point in enduring some of the more basic places if the meat is going to be tough and tasteless. Amenities on offer range far and wide. They could include cable TV – usually for sports, live music, in and outdoor eating options, designer decor, ATMs, car washes (naturally), toilet facilities – and, of course, the ubiquitous single malt whiskey.

Koek sisters in Scotland

Despite the obstacles and formalities shisa nyama is a simple grassroots tradition that has made its way across continents and has taken root in the heart of Glasgow.

Best burgers

Is the best restaurant in Chichester really, a humble, no frills, takeaway?

Best burger Chichester

Not if you are looking for a comprehensive moderately priced wine list. Not if you are going to judge ‘best’ in terms of ambiance, chic decor and smiling ever attentive waitrons.

But if it’s flavour and originality that makes the difference, The Pass Street Food Cafe is a hard one to beat. Whatever Kacper Osmola has to say.

Monthly specials The Pass Street Food Cafe Chichester

And if you have to look at a dessert menu there are always the bread & butter dipping fingers around the corner at the Chantry

Bread & butter pudding on the south coast

Tim’s bistro

Tims is a small independent bistro, centrally situated in Southampton, that should not to be missed.

Breakfast in Southampton

Starting at nine for breakfast he runs through lunch and then on to dinner. Building a loyal following offering a wide variety of freshly cooked food.

Best seafood restaurants in Southampton

But it is the specials board one wants to keep an eye on. In particuar the fish and seafood.

Independent seafood bistros Southampton

One of the best if not the best independent seafood bistros to be found on the south coast.

Gastro pub

Restaurants with a childrens play areas Knysna

At Mo’s we know that your dining experience should be more than just “eating out”. It’s about taking time out to satisfy the senses, feed the soul and gather with friends in an ambiance that creates treasured moments and memories.

It’s about delighting you with a unique harmony of taste sensations from our Chef’s choice of carefully crafted dishes that offer the finest experience of real food made from fresh ingredients for consistent quality and value.

It’s about complementing great food with a passion for attentive, enthusiastic and personal service from Staff that understands that our Customers deserve the best that we can offer.

It’s about a mood, a feeling, a connection, a vibe and an energy that makes every occasion at Mo’s surprisingly memorable.

We hope you enjoy Mo’ taste, Mo’ hospitality, Mo’ music, Mo’ laughter and Mo’ fun that you have ever had in your life.


It will never rate as a traditional English pudding shop.

The perfect bread and butter pudding Chichester West Siussex

But the bread & butter pudding at Farmer, Butcher, Chef in Chichester is a great way to end a good meal. Although I think it is only something you get to do in winter. I might be wrong but it is not always an option you find on the menu.

Country style restaurants South of England

The table setting included a side plate and a damned good reason to make use of it. Farm baked bread and beef dripping. A simple courtesy which more often than not gets forgotten in these busy, busy times.

Organic produce from a working farm

But since the restaurant is very much a part of one of the only self sustaining organic farms in Europe, one should expect a little honest country style hospitality.

Abundance Farm

“We are only one or two generations away from a time when people canned, baked, preserved, made do, swopped produce, purchased locally, re-used and recycled because that’s just the way it was. The knowledge is still there” and stirring in Rheenendal.

Lauren Reynders has started a web site to support the local food producers and to explore for ways to live sustainably, to eat well, laugh a lot, to learn and pass on information and to create bonds of friensdhip within our community. I found it looking for vegetarian restaurants in Knysna and found this reference to “Brett who made the basil pesto. Brett owns a small, intimate vegetarian restaurant just down the Rheenendal road called Veg-Table. It is open on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Bookings are essential 074 833 9516”

She is from Abundance Farm where they have developed and are producing top quality mushroom cultures and grain spawn as well as Mushroom Grow Bags of edible and medicinal mushroom species.

Welcome to, the canvas for the edible adventure that is my life. The tale begins in London, UK and will wander around the UAE before heading down under to Sydney and then finally to the USA, where I will be setting up camp permanently!

For me, having travelled pretty extensively throughout my 22 years, travel is inescapably tied to food, hence the decision to finally document these culinary experiences as my gallivanting continues over the next 7 months. In my opinion, there is nothing better than immersing oneself in the lifestyle of a new place by EATING (except maybe drinking…).

Those who say ‘food is for fuel’ are people with whom I wholeheartedly disagree. Eating has been a social activity for too many generations to count and will continue to be an inherent part of our society for the simple reason that people love it and it brings them together.

With that small introduction I leave you to peruse my blog, which will (if all goes to plan) be updated every week with my favourite newly-discovered hotspots, always visited with an appetite and my trusty Eastpak.

Food (and wine) is love.

Cafe cuisine

Fine dining in Cape Town

Café Chic by Conrad Gallagher a celebrated Michelin starred chef, is located in a private building in the busy neighbourhood of Cape Town’s City Centre serving up market Modern Cafe cuisine.Recently acquired and upgraded by Conrad and his wife, Candice, Café Chic serves lunch, dinner and late night cocktails in two dining rooms, a bar, lounge, cigar room and private rooms. Candice is widely recognized as one of Cape Town’s most gracious hosts as well as developing our superb cocktail and wine program, and leading our exceptional staff.

Fish and chips

I was last in Poole five years ago, so I wasn’t sure where to find the fish and chip takeaway, that I thought I remembered from my last visit.

Seafood takeaway on Poole Quay

I wasn’t even sure whether it was on the quayside in the harbour where we were catching the ferry to Brownsea Island for two nights camping.

Bell tents at Brownsea Island

But there is just one pukka takeaway Harlee’s, so we tried it. Only to find there is no calamari on the menu. It looked as if it was going to be a disappointment. Just another badly run chippy.

Fish and chips Poole Quay

I also forgot to order the tartar sauce and damned nearly missed the ferry. Making me as grumpy as all hell.

The best seafood on the south coast

But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The cod was as fresh as I have had and the batter nicely crisped. Nothing wrong with the chips either. So much so we delayed breakfast to do it all again on our return run. Just to make sure.

But they only open at noon and we had to leave it for the next time.

Little things

So, I have now been exploring the various restaurants in and around Knysna for a while. A good few weeks. Still a way to go and I haven’t even begun my look at the guest houses.
There are some amazing places to eat in knysna and I look forward to trying out the hotel restaurants. They have such an excellent reputation. Of course, the articles I have been writing explain what the places are about and stress the positives.
There is such a thing as a bad restaurant in Knysna. I have drunk cocktails in chipped and scratched beer glasses. (Is this a fad I was unaware of?) I have seen ordinary bits of hake presented as a delicacy. The time for that sort of thing appears to have passed however. With the new cuisine culture that has a hold of everybody.
In a way it might have been inevitable that we would start enjoying food here since the whole experience of Knysna is very close to nature and eating food, when you think about it is as natural as it gets.

South African breakfast

Finding a breakfast cafe in the UK that understands what is meant when you order your egg easy over, is not easy.

South African bunny breakfast the south east of England

But not at the Sunny Side Up Cafe in Wolverton. Their South African breakfast comes standard, eggs easy over.

South African breakfast in the south of England