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Small, independent, local eateries

We will build those occasional guest posts we get, into a cluster of low tech, low maintenance websites. Turning them into an organic homegrown resource. Something from nothing. A informal community promoting small, independent, local eateries that offer a little extra. Those special, out of the way places that are impossible to find. Businesses who need all the help they can get right now.


The English Breakfast

Traditional English breakfast cafes are few and far between these days as the debate about what is and what is not an English Breakfast drags on and on.

But one thing is indisputable. Despite all the nostalgia associated with the local greasey spoon and an early morning Builders breakfast, we have seen what was at one time, morph into something quite different. The Sandwich Shop.

That ubitquous quick bite alternative is everywhere.

From the handmade gourmet variety on the brunch menu, to the pre-prepared, pre-packed and sanitised takeway so loved by those without a thought in the world.

Only serving to make that question with an elusive answer, that much more reledvant. I lay the blame squarely at the door of those, whose menus are as predictable as they are dull. An English breakfast was never meant to be a take it or leave choice.  It was always more about the opportunity to celebrate the first meal of the day rather than a do and die recipe for those too boring to do anything else.



Pizza at Vince’s  Mum’s shop was essentially a Margeritta pizza with slices of tomato adding a bit of colour to the finest pizzas ever.

Later I was introduced to anchovies, capers and olives but it is those simple homecooked crusty pizza slices which first got me started.


Best Burgers

The best hamburgers in Arundel can be found in the High St

 The Burger-Shop in Arundel


The Burger Shop at 14-16 High St offer tasty delicious burgers with a Gin Menu and great variety of Craft Beers and Ales.

 The Burger-Shop in Arundel


The staff are friendly, attentive and it is a great place to unwind with kids.


Lebanese restaurants – Portsmouth

Unassuming and unpretentious it would be easy to miss the Cedar Lebanese Restaurant opposite the Kings theatre on a busy part of Albert Road, in Portsmouth.

Aunthentic traditional Lebanese restaurants in Porstsmouth on the south coast

But once you step through the door there is no mistaking the traditional Lebanese music, authentic tasty food and outstanding hospitality and service.

Fresh homemade humous and mezze Portsmouth Hampshire

The traditional menu offers a breakfast selection featuring zaatar manoushe.  Given that I am not that familiar with Middle Eastern traditions and that they open at one in the afternoon and close at one in the morning, I didn’t dare ask.

Lebanese breakfast dishes Portsmouth Hampshire Zaatar manoushe

There is a limited but good selection of salads, hot and cold mezze as well as charcoal grilled dishes, platters, wraps and sweets to round the meal off.

But be warned the portions are generous and if you have an eye for the desserts don’t overdo it.