Chicken livers like no other

An acquired taste, chicken livers certainly have those who love them and those who turn their faces away.

I challenge anyone in Knysna to turn a nose up at the most delectable chicken liver starter ever tasted.

Food is not just about the eating, it is about the look and the smell, the way it is placed in front of you and of course about the taste. The attractive and delicate presentation of these sherry marinated livers on a bed of superbly prepared pastry is a mouth-watering sight, and the experience of the tasting, well you just have to try it.

I must say I have never had an unpleasant meal, cup of coffee or service at Cruise Cafe.

Luciano Pavarotti was right when he said “One of the very nicest things about life, is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”.

Rheenendal – Abundance Farm

“We are only one or two generations away from a time when people canned, baked, preserved, made do, swopped produce, purchased locally, re-used and recycled because that’s just the way it was. The knowledge is still there” and stirring in Rheenendal.

Lauren Reynders has started a web site to support the local food producers and to explore for ways to live sustainably, to eat well, laugh a lot, to learn and pass on information and to create bonds of friensdhip within our community. I found it looking for vegetarian restaurants in Knysna and found this reference to “Brett who made the basil pesto. Brett owns a small, intimate vegetarian restaurant just down the Rheenendal road called Veg-Table. It is open on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Bookings are essential 074 833 9516”

She is from Abundance Farm where they have developed and are producing top quality mushroom cultures and grain spawn as well as Mushroom Grow Bags of edible and medicinal mushroom species.