Mac Butners

Dutch restaurants the Garden Raoute

I stopped for coffee at the little shop just this side of Botha & Barnard on the N2 where they used to do Collectables. It has reopened as Mac Butners Food on the Move doing pies, quiche and for something a little different Dutch croquettes. The coffee was good and I will be back for those croquettes.

An English Breakfast

Traditional English breakfast cafes are few and far between these days as the debate about what is and what is not an English Breakfast drags on and on.

But one thing is indisputable. Despite all the nostalgia associated with the local greasey spoon and an early morning Builders breakfast, we have seen what was at one time, morph into something quite different. The Sandwich Shop.

That ubitquous quick bite alternative is everywhere.

From the handmade gourmet variety on the brunch menu, to the pre-prepared, pre-packed and sanitised takeway so loved by those without a thought in the world.

Only serving to make that question with an elusive answer, that much more reledvant. I lay the blame squarely at the door of those, whose menus are as predictable as they are dull. An English breakfast was never meant to be a take it or leave choice.  It was always more about the opportunity to celebrate the first meal of the day rather than a do and die recipe for those too boring to do anything else.


Fisherman’s Cabin

Stopped in there quickly today for my now routine lime milkshake and a chat with the very friendly manager, Nico. He said he’d like me to show off their sushi bar so that is what I’m going to do.

Trying it out on Monday.

Bike is busted, oh no, and honestly Knysna is not the very best place to be looking to buy a bike. I’ll have to do a trip soon and get something to ride on. Meantime I’m looking at walking as the physiotherapy.

Discovered that a rotational stretch is a good one. Freeing up my hip muscle, (damaged late in 2009 when I fell on the last downhill into Coffee Bay) Think it’ll come right sooner or later, especially if I eat right and they say sushi is the best thing for tissue regeneration. Omega 3 and all that.

I’ll put some pics up here on Monday afternoon. After I’ve sampled the sushi.

And I’ll tell you if it helped my sore hip. Maybe a weekly dose. I’ve been here for nearly two months now. Do I live here? No not yet. When my hips better I’m off up the west coast.

Unforgettable sunsets

Best restaurants in Plettenberg Bay
At Emily’s we strive to use only the freshest local produce to prepare our delicious daily menu. Our chef team meet every morning to choose the freshest produce available before designing the menu for the day, this menu includes dishes like our Peach Cider Braised Pork belly, Onion Samoosa and Gooseberry Compote; Lamb Rack, Cherry Tomato Feullete and Thyme Red Wine Jus; Fresh Farm Ricotta Phyllo Bake, Honeyed Beetroot and Thyme; Oven Baked Linefish, Brussel Sprout Chips, Caper and Baby Potato Salad. Enjoy a fresh cocktail or a beautiful bottle of wine from the boutique estate wine list while appreciating spectacular riverside views, unforgettable sunsets and a large log fire in winter go without saying.

Terri’s Cafe

[Edit] 11/2/24 Closed. The search continues.

The best places are often the most difficult to find

Breakfast cafe in Havant

And Terri’s Cafe in Havant is not easy to find. Tucked away in the Truck Stop in the Langstone Technology Park it is packed full of character.

Coffee shops in Havant

Offering a menu that is loaded with homemade options. A typically traditional English cafe. Stop for a quick coffee, cup of tea or a Truckers breakfast. There is coffee, walnut cake, jacket potatoes smothered in chilli and homemade Shepherds pie. A lorry park cafe that probably ranks as one of the best restaurants in Havant.

And if not, it is the best that I have found locally as well as a lot further afield.


Soups in Knysna


On a day like this Tom Kha Gai is what I normally order from the Thai Kitchen. Today however I wanted something different. And the House of Flavour in George is a good hour away.

Which restaurants besides the Thai Kitchen, in and around Knysna offer a winter menu and an exciting choice of soups?

The Fat Fish

Seafood Plettenberg Bay

Situated on Central Beach, offering mountain and sea views Fat Fish is a stylish fish restaurant and tapas bar. Patrons walk straight off the beach for a cocktail on the open deck or enjoy the some of the best seafood that can bve found in Plett.

They also cater for bespoke weddings, private functions and small conferences.


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Answering questions.

Putting people back into the net. Exploring, networking, opening doors, running a small home based business incubator, workshop and open information platform.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in joining and interacting with us.  Anyone who might want to get involved, anyone who also has reasons to share their local knowledge and know how.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment on the site or use the Enquiries Form .

Deli at Aldwick

Ask a local about home cooked meals, tea rooms, cakes and bakes and it is odds on, they will steer you to The Deli in Aldwick.

The best carveries in Arun, West Sussex, the South Coast

Stunning fried free breakfasts. Freshly made using free range eggs, premium butchers sausages and bacon. Served with beans real toast, sauteed potatoes or bubble and squeak

Artisan sausages Aldwick, Arun West Sussex the South Coast

Home made daily lunch specials with a traditional roast on Thursdays.

Traditional roast potatoes Aldwick, Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Then there is Friday which is pie day. Cumberland pie, lamb and mint pie, chicken, mushroom and peppercorn sauce pie, sweet chilli, cheddar and spring onion quiche and a Brie, cranberry and stuffing strudel.

As tasty as the choices which one has, are imaginative.

Freshly baked homemade artisan pies Aldwick, Bognor Regis, Arun West Sussex

Leaving the best to last. Cakes, Bakes, Millionaire Shortbread and their house speciality Rocky Road slices.

The best rocky road slices in West Sussex