If you are an aspiring food photographer interested in participating in an exciting blogging project, contributing the odd guest post about an eatery only you know about…

…please contact us here

Experienced food photpographers in the UK


We will build whatever you choose to share, into content on a cluster of low tech, low maintenance, useful websites. Turning them into an organic homegrown resource. Literally building something of value, from nothing. An informal community that grows by promoting small, independent, local eateries offering a little extra. Those special, out of the way places that are generally impossible to find. Businesses who need all the help they can get right now.

Anyone? An online community network.

Answering questions. Putting people back into the net. Exploring, networking, opening doors, running a small home based business incubator, workshop and open information platform.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in joining and interacting with us. Anyone who might want to get involved, anyone who also has reasons to share their local knowledge and know how.

If you have any questions about this project simply ask.

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