Thai food Knysna

The Royal Siam Thai in Memorial Square used to offer an exciting combination of sushi as well as authentic traditional Thai cuisine.

Sushi in Knysna

But that was then. No longer. Not sure what other options there are these days. There used to be another small restaurant at the end of Gray but cant find that either. It might have been the Thai Eatery which moved to Main? Not sure who ran the restaurant in Main but they have also moved to Kenilworth.

For Thai try the Knysna Montessori Friday Market. For Sushi I suspect it is 34 South and Sirocco.

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Taste of Palestine

We travelled up to London by train and after we got everything sorted out at the Embassy we went looking for a late breakfast.

Breakfast in Kensington London

Despite reservations, I have learnt not to argue when she is hungry. So I allowed myself to be steered towards a table in what at first appeared to be a traditional English tea shop festooned with garlands of roses.

The best hot soup in Kensington London

Yes, it was a tea shop.

Yes, they serve cream teas and offer an exciting array of home baked cakes and pastries. But I needn’t have worried. Because breakfast all but forgotten, what caught my eye was a lentil soup. Slightly spiced and served with a cheesy pastry twist and crunchy bits you toss into the soup.

A good breakfast in Kensington London

Although I did also order a croissant with scrambled egg and haloumi. Just as a reminder of why we were there.

Inadvertently we had found our way to Fait Maisson. A French inspired, Palestinian owned, traditional English tea room serving Middle Eastern food from a menu that also offers both traditional English and Middle Eastern breakfast options and possibly the best Maqluba to be found in London.

An interesting experience and the best lentil soup ever

Over Coals

Nothing can beat freshly caught fish grilled over hot coals and if you are in Knysna you need to find a place close to Hartenbos if I remember correctly.


Pizza at Vince’s  Mum’s shop was essentially a Margeritta pizza with slices of tomato adding a bit of colour to the finest pizzas ever.

Later I was introduced to anchovies, capers and olives but it is those simple homecooked crusty pizza slices which first got me started.