Ginger The Restaurant

Fine dining in Port Elizabeth

From it’s inception Ginger has been committed to offering a fine dining experience. And it has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the best restaurants in the Eastern Cape.

With secure parking and views of the beach they offer a fusion between elegant chic and contemporary fine fare.

Diners can sip their drinks on the deck while relaxing to the sounds and sight of the sea, before either moving inside for their meal, or being served in situ. Indoors, the lower dining area, with its stunning parquet floor, surrounds a central bar, while the upper, carpeted area is adjacent to the open plan kitchen. But wherever one chooses to sit, the views are beautiful, the service is top-rate and the food is a taste bud experience.

Tim Walker is the Head Chef and Jacques Van Rooyen their Sous Chef. Both are extremely talented with extensive experience. The energetic duo share an incredible chemistry in the kitchen by feeding off each other creatively, followed by an infectious sense of humour.


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