If you take a few pictures when you are eating out and if you would be prepared to do the occasional guest post to make a difference

Please message me.

Professional Food Photography in the East Midlands

iamafoodphotographer.co.uk – hi, i’m Ben. I LOVE all things foodie. I’m a commercial food and restaurant photographer, based in sunny Derbyshire, but we regularly find ourselves travelling all over the country for anything to do with food. I mainly photograph people and weddings, and I love it, but there is something about food and food photography that really makes my day. To be able to combine my love of portrait photography and food is perfect, not to mention the excitement of being in a kitchen watching food being prepared for service – that’s awesome. In case you’ve not gathered, I’m a little partial to eating it too. That moment when you’re sat in an amazing restaurant and the first plate of food arrives looking like a work of art – aside from tucking into it, all I want to do is photograph the dish and share it with others. I’m regularly sat in the studio with cookbooks and a plate of food, working out new and exciting ways to photograph the dish to make it look amazing before taking to the kitchen to try out something else.Food should be fun, food should be exciting and the more people who can see great food on a plate, the better.