South West

If you take a few pictures when you are eating out and if you would be prepared to do the occasional guest post to make a difference

Please message me.

Food photographers in the South West РI trained as a chef at the prestigious Catering School of Toulouse (LTH). After completing my Baccalaur̩at, I began to travel throughout Europe leading kitchens from trendy Tapas Bars to Five Star Hotels. I spent all those years with a knife in one hand and a camera in the other! Chef and photographer have been the two main occupations for exploring my epicurean curiosity, and that duality of approaches has greatly influenced each other. Photography brought me much more aesthetic rigour and attention to detail in my cooking, while my deep knowledge of the food industry provided my photography with an invaluable understanding of the variety of complex, technical needs, both culinary and visual, that my clients would require.