If you take a few pictures when you are eating out and if you would be prepared to do the occasional guest post to make a difference

Please message me.

Professional Food Photography in London – Our expert professional commercial food photographers work alongside our food stylists to create high quality and affordable food packaging photography and restaurant menu photography for hotels and restaurants as well as food and drink manufacturers and retailers. Our related services include location and prop sourcing, and with our specialist lighting kit, we are well equipped to shoot in our London based studio or on-site in your restaurant, hotel or commercial kitchen. We have a client focussed approach and aim to make shoots as hassle free as possible. We take the time to clearly understand briefs and requirements, then take care of the full creative and production process ensuring the shoot day and entire process runs smoothly. Once the shoot is complete our high end retouching team enhance images ensuring they are presented in the best possible way. Other service types include food editorial photography, catering photography and cookbook photography.