We cater to small independently run restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, tea rooms, sandwich shops, delis, butchers, bakers and makers of artisan food. We promote good food, good service , things that people are doing a little bit different.

We offer a comprehensive suite of simple internet marketing solutions to the clients we actually like.

We don’t do Negative.

If an issue comes up in a review, we don’t publish. We keep that sort of stuff in-house, we feedback and let our clients address any problems they might have. Everyone has their off days, mistakes are made. This much is certain, its to be expected. Whereas what is not so common, what you don’t always find are those little extras. The sort of stuff that keeps regular customers going back for more. That is what we are looking for.

That is what we promote.

Our packages are individually tailored to match our clients needs. They are both affordable as well as being effective.

Starting with a monthly Facebook post at ten pounds a month, to which we can add monthly web content as well a mystery diner three times a year for fifty pounds a month.

We also do:

Whatever you might need to start adding value to the business you are building.