It began with an Oyster!

The economic development of Knysna was first driven by precious wood, then gold and recently, a precious seafood. OYSTERS. Little did we think that Knysna as result of more and more people traveling to knysna after Oysters,  would develop into a major source of delectable farm produced raw products and world class gourmet restaurants. It is after these new gourmet jewels, that tourists flock towards the Garden Route every day.

* In the centre of town, a warm vibrant deli restaurant and bakery “Il de Pain”, is run by Liesie and Marcus. Liesie is a gourmet chef and Marcus blows your senses away with bread and confectionery of world class. Try a chocolate crousant or a simple open sandwich, to taste their quality and creativity.

Still in town, tucked away in Memorial Square, is the “Thai Kitchen”. This feisty and spicy little bistro awaits the lover of Thai food.
* Everybody’s favourite is situated in the middle of the Knysna Waterfront. At “34° South”, best quality sea foods are served right on the water’s edge. After a decade or two in business, this restaurant still amazes you with freshly made Sushi, the freshness of the fish on every dish and gorgeous fresh salads on the tables. Enjoy wines from a frequently voted “Best Wine List” choice of wines and take your time to find a suitable article for your loved ones at home, in a well stocked food and gift shop.
* Take a casual drive along the Garden Route to Bramon Wines at the Keurbooms River turn-off. Enjoy a selection of Meze dishes over lunch while being seated amongst the bearing vines! Then open some of the fresh crispy wines from Bramon and enjoy a very special experience!
* “Cruz Cafe” is situated just West of the Knysna Waterfront, on the water’s edge. With a brilliant view across the lake, guests can enjoy drinks from a mouth watering cocktail list and eat fresh oysters by the dozen. Cruz Cafe caters for every person and its location is truly tranquil.

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