Stopped in there quickly today for my now routine lime milkshake and a chat with the very friendly manager, Nico. He said he’d like me to show off their sushi bar so that is what I’m going to do.

Trying it out on Monday.

Bike is busted, oh no, and honestly Knysna is not the very best place to be looking to buy a bike. I’ll have to do a trip soon and get something to ride on. Meantime I’m looking at walking as the physiotherapy.

Discovered that a rotational stretch is a good one. Freeing up my hip muscle, (damaged late in 2009 when I fell on the last downhill into Coffee Bay) Think it’ll come right sooner or later, especially if I eat right and they say sushi is the best thing for tissue regeneration. Omega 3 and all that.

I’ll put some pics up here on Monday afternoon. After I’ve sampled the sushi.

And I’ll tell you if it helped my sore hip. Maybe a weekly dose. I’ve been here for nearly two months now. Do I live here? No not yet. When my hips better I’m off up the west coast.

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