South Africans know their wine. They are also known to appreciate a good steak.

Recommended steak restaurants London

The sort of steaks you find at Hof’s Bar & Restaurant. Where guests get to experience a unique fusion of South African, German and Swiss food. With a particular focus on meat and fish dishes that are paired with quality wines from around the world.

South African wine in the UK

The Hof family have been supplying exclusive restaurants and private clientele around the world and producing some of the finest handcrafted South African wines in Robertson since 2009. .

South African wine in London

Known locally as the valley of Wine and Roses, the magnificent landscape, towering cliffs and crystal streams of the fertile Robertson Valley create picturesque beginnings for our wines. The ideal soil and climate conditions of the Robertson region ensure grapes with good fruit concentration and character.

South African wines of distinction in the UK

The rich diversity of the lime-rich calcarious soil, similar to Burgundy’s Cote d’Or, make it eminently suitable for good Chardonnay. All the wines are a pure expression of the soil in which they grow. The abundant supply of water from the Du Toits Kloof mountain range and the cooling South Easter breeze from the Indian Ocean provide ideal conditions to preserve and enhance the quality of the grapes.

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